Cognition World wins international 2021 IoT Innovator Award

Global Award recognises Cognition World’s work in simplifying IoT-led utility monitoring for businesses.

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We’ve been recognised for our innovative work in creating Connect 360 which we developed for our partnership for Energia. Connect 360 allows Energia’s business customers take charge of their asset performance and energy consumption and save money to allow their businesses becomes more sustainable.


Increasing sustainability in universities – how one university is leading the way!

By John Matthews

Based on the recent Times Higher Education survey, University College Cork has been ranked as the top university in the world when it comes to sustainability and recycling

UCC has cut its carbon emissions by 36%, planted 2,500 trees on campus, and increased the number of people cycling by 90%. Its library, one of the most energy-intensive buildings on campus, has seen a 9% reduction in energy use and a 700% increase in recycling through its own sustainability programme.

Their 9% reduction in energy use has led to savings of €40k+. What’s more, achieving a target such as this is not hard to do!

Cognition work with companies and universities to help them do exactly what UCC have done – reduce operational costs and improve the sustainability of factories and campus’ throughout Ireland and the UK.

We have helped to reduce operational expenditure by 10%+ through the use of our proven operational intelligence platform that allows you to visualise, analyse and act on the real-time data generated throughout your campus.

Whether it is tracking energy consumption (electricity, water or gas), room occupancy (lecture halls, labs, meeting rooms etc.), parking or other challenges you may be facing, let Cognition join you on your journey towards smarter, sustainable operations.

If you would like to have a no-obligation chat to find out more about what we do here at Cognition, how we do it and how we can help, drop me an email on with some dates and times that suit you.

About Cognition: Cognition is an operational intelligence provider that uses IoT-led analytics to improve performance in businesses and organisations. Cognition work across a range of sectors and help their users release the value trapped inside their operations.